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Here are a few testimonials we have received from various users:

"I never would have believed that such a small program could do so much. Not only do I have my sound back but I can't remember the last time my pc ran so smooth. many thanks for an awesome product." - Steve A. San Antonio TX

"Anytime I hear of people having trouble with devices or their pc performance I always recommend Driver Inspector. There's just no way you can find another program that can seemlessly handle the task of keeping drivers up to date and helping revive devices that become inoperative." - Lewis J. Quebec CA

"I spent several hours hunting for a driver for my printer. I downloaded and tried Driver Inspector and in a couple clicks not only was my driver installed, but I printed a document. Amazing stuff gang! " - Sheryl L. Concord NH

"I called the 1-800 number on the back of the box for the scanner I bought and the guy told me to use the disk. Low and behold, the disk driver was outated (I guess) so I didn't know what to do. Fortuneately I stumbled across your program. My scanner was working in about 3 minutes... would have been quicker but I'm not a pc guy by any means... and it was super easy! Never will I go without your program ever again. I am lifer!! " - Arnold M. Denver CO

"For weeks my monitor kept getting fuzzy and grainy, then it would be alright. No clue what was going on. Come to find out it was my video driver because your program found it out of date and updated it. I have not had a problem since. I would 'knock on wood' but it wouldn't do any good. I already have Driver Inspector anyway ha! " - Paul S. Hartford CT

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